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Apr - Jun 2023


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Kevel provides ad serving and infrastructure solutions for online advertising. As part of updating the brand, Kevel wanted to refresh the website. My job was to redesign and build the new one.


As I mentioned above, Kevel wanted to update the website. This was one of my first tasks at Kevel. There were a few reasons why we wanted to do it.


1. Difficult to manage

The old site was migrated to Weblfow by some agency or a freelancer. The class names didn't make much sense to us. We didn't have any documentation on the logic behind the class names. The spacing was weird. Updating or adding new things would require more time since we had to understand how certain classes behaved.

Webflow Old Structure
This is a screenshot from the old Webflow structure.

The div names aren't self-explanatory. For example, the "Content Container" would also affect typography inside of it. So this naming logic would cause a lot of issues for us.

2. A refresh was needed

The world wide web is constantly changing. It's important to strike a perfect balance between chasing trends and looking fresh. We wanted to give it a modern look to make our product feel simpler and more friendly.

Old design

3. Navigation was too complex

The marketing department was in the middle of rethinking how we should present Kevel to people. They wanted to shift focus to our products more. On the old website, we had a bigger menu with more items.

Old Kevel menu solutions tabOld Kevel menu products tab

4. Site performance and SEO

With the update, we needed to dive into the site loading speed. Moreover, we wanted to be more in control of SEO optimization. See a screenshot of the old website performance.

Old site performance


1. Difficult to manage -> New class naming system

Before starting the redesign, I discovered the Client-First framework for Webflow by Finsweet. It was a real life saver. They have detailed documentation with a simple logic behind class naming. I suggested using this framework which would allow more people to easily navigate inside Webflow.

client-first logo
Scalable, manageabale projects
Single class strategy
Detailed documentation
Speeds up development
Less junk classes

2. A refresh was needed -> Fresh look

My idea was to give it a simple and spacious look with a focus on the content.

New design home page kevel

3. Navigation was too complex -> Simplified

Basically, we decreased the number of pages and merged some together. Our products became more visible.

Solutions tab newNew Solutions tab kevel

4. Site performance and SEO -> Under control & improved

To be honest, I had to learn a lot of new terms like LCP, CLS, and FSP and how to improve them. How excessive code slows down the loading speed. Tips like "move your scripts to the footer instead of the header" really worked.
Fun fact: at the beginning, we had 11 100 images with missing alt text. We brought this number down to less than 100.

New Performance

Final Thoughts

I am super proud of this project. This was my first major Webflow development project. We were able to execute it quite quickly. There is still plenty of work to do: keep improving SEO & performance, updating pages with new content & improving design.

Webflow is fun.

Thank you meme